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19 August 2009 @ 11:37 am
You're my heartbreaker  
the music video for G-dragon's Heartbreaker is out!

I thought G-dragon's new image wouldn't be as successful, but after seeing this music video, it finally won me over! But my question is, why does out GDbby needs to write a song about having a heartbreaker? He has me for heavens, sake! ;P Though I love that whole, heartless look. That might explain the blonde hair, looking so lifeless. But he still looks unrecognizable to some people .__.
I literally squealed whenever he gave out his little smirks and garls. They made me melt! Throughout the music video, I think G-dragon did a nice job playing the part as the distressed one. He looks so cyber-ish too!
I think in the music video, everyone noticed the infamous apple. The apple seemed to looke like G-dragon's heart. When you see the girls eating the seeds of the apple, it looked like, the girl who broke G-dragon's heart went to the core of his heart (apple) and stabbed him right then and there or sucking the life out of his heart.
Another thought could be "sagwa", which means apple or apologize in korean. So, G-dragon wants an apology?
But in Christianity, the apple symbolizes as the "devil fruit", due to the Adam and Eve myth. The apple is the fruit of love and desire, and because of that fruit, we lose our right to stay in Heaven.

I have a feeling G-dragon used this for artistic reasons. He definitely brought something new the table with his concept! But music wise, don't really think so. Techno or digitalizing music has been a big trend for Korean artists. It brings out the repetitiveness and catchiness to the song, nontheless, thus, making it become huge hit tracks.
I must admit though, I give major props for orignality in style! That boy can work anything.

Bravo, G-dragon.
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