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14 August 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Holy cow ...  

that's all I can say, sexy.

From this ...

To this ...

I'm not saying that I hate it. I just think G-dragon has changed so drastically over the past 3 years. He was this adorable hip-hopper to some Death Note / Twilight wannabe. This concept of his is leaving me with a thousand questions. I want to figure what he's trying to convey. Is he trying to overcome his kute image? Is he just trying something new because he wants to? I don't know. But G-dragon, you are one unbelievable, unpredictable man.
But y'know, I love him. Although he changes his looks quite often, my love for him is forever strong. I don't care if he dies his hair purple, I would still fall head over heels for him! But I must say, he is still a sexy man! He can pull off almost anything weird or normal, hehe. As long as I see his oh so fly swagger on stage, I'm aight with it. Naw mean?

2 previews were out recently. One on Big Bang TV & on his me2day.

Now this is what I want to see my baby doin'! He's full of swagger, he has to reppin' it like that on stage!</lj-embed>

I actually like to beat & feeling to What's Up. I also love the collaboration between Teddy & CL. Teddy is an amazing producer for YG and CL of 2NE1 is a fly rapper. She be representin' the female rappers out there. I love this track.

"From today onwards the reporters pick up their pens. Do you see the most searched items? A lot of netizens start to get tired fingers. The situation is beyond uncontrollable. Our country is a hot potato. Blink and it cools down. Enjoy yourselves, it could be fun. Yeah use me to get your kicks. Say like Superman, Batman, Gossip man, Hey man. What's todays gossip. Can't ever get any peace." -- Kwon Ji Yong

I'm not exactly feeling this track yet. But it's a nice one and I love the message G-dragon is conveying. He's saying something that celebrities can never really say. He's expressing how Korea is all about fishing for news that it begins to become insane. I guess this song is showing a more personal side of G-dragon. Where he's been through it before. As in, how the media uses him to their advantage making him the gossip.
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