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12 May 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!  
Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

HAHAHA. funny question, now that you mention it.
I am actually a fan of fanfictions. They're really a great way to show a writer's creativity not just by publishing books, but posting them in online communities for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that they don't have to be purchased and the writer has the power in his or her fingertips to manipulate the story line. As for myself, I am fond of fanfictions because... well, they're adorable! I usually read romantic, action, and comedic fanfictions on Soompi.com, and they are just fabulous. Those stories would be almost considered as books, just not published, haha! Oh, and another thing about fanfictions is that they truly fulfill girls' fantasies of what they want as a story. I'm not talking about those "fantasies," but more like, telling a story of what they want to hear. It's hard to find the PERFECT book at bookstores. Looking at statistics such as, views, number of posts & readers shows whether or not that fanfiction is worth reading. (:
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