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19 March 2010 @ 12:47 pm
Do I have a valley girl accent?  
Hey, guys. Long time no talk (: Been pretty busy, once again and I apologize so many times, but please forgive me! T-T. School has been in the way most of the time and those hard core naps I take too.

I'm currently in my high school's computer lab, working on a powerpoint project for English class. It's a group project, but I don't like my group, so I'm working on it on my own (: I'm so coorperative, right? Anyway, I thought of visiting LJ because I miss it so much, but my break right now is kind of ruined because I'm sitting next to some ogre or some weirdo that seems to be annoying.  -0-

Moving on... I just got out of English class and today in class I was told that I have a valley girl accent from my teacher! JDSLKFJSLDFJ can you believe that?! -0- Yes, I do know that I have a valley girl accent, but can you just not point it out? Seriousy. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have a lot of tones to my voice depending on the person. I guess I use my valley girl aceent whenever I'm working or feeling bitchy. When I hang out with close friends, I use my normal, manyly, & deep voice. HOHOHO ;D. With aquaintances or just everybody else, I use my soft, sophisticated kind of voice rofl. So yeah, there's a lot of exceptions to this, haha. But I feel like such a fake whenever I do this because my voice just happens to remind me of fake bitches & Paris Hilton.

I guess this post if basically a rant. Till then, LJ.

[ PS: I hate annoying weirdos! ]
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