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07 January 2010 @ 05:45 pm
Listen to my heartbeat!  

Can I say 2PM obsessed? No, more like, Jaebum obsessed. I've kind of trailed off my Big Bang crazed and am currently on a 2PM one. Suprisingly enough, I didn't think this craze would last THIS long. Go figure. That's how I felt about Big Bang, but nope.
I don't understand what took over me to finally be in love with 2PM. I was definitely depressed when Jaebum left, but somehow, the news made me feel even more interested in 2PM. However, I was always a fan of them, just not THIS much. *spreads arms wide open* I have completely fallen in love with all of their songs. From 10 Points out of 10 to Only you to Again&Again, to Heartbeat! I can never stop listening to their songs.

I was actually considering of purchasing their music, just like how I am doing with Big Bang. But once a devoted Big Bang fan, always a devoted fan, right? I am cutting off my Big Bang craze and moving towards 2PM. It's a tough choice. I swore to my heart that I would only buy Big Bang albums. Now I'm not too sure, haha. Oh 2PM, look what you have done to me. I have completely fallen for you dorks. ☆
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